Ninety percent of today's presenters need this training!

  • For experienced PowerPoint users that want better slides

    You will need Office 365 to do the practice exercises. Demos and instructions are on a PC. If you have a Mac, you can still use this training.

  • The focus is on graphics, not operating PowerPoint

    This course assumes you already know how to create PowerPoint slides. The focus of this training is how to make them more engaging, quickly.

  • Learn it, then apply it to your slides instantly

    Your time is valuable. This accelerated training approach gives you the 80% of insight and practice that you need to create truly expert-looking designs.

Boring slides make your audience drop out

Think about our HD media world, with dazzling effects and amazing retina-displays. No one will watch a boring slide deck. They'll check out and engage themselves elsewhere. Who can afford failure like this? None of us! We MUST learn how to create slide graphics that act like eye candy for our audience and ourpresenation.
Boring slides make your audience drop out

Engaging slides add the WOW factor that increases your success!

No one want to be boring! Beautiful slide graphics show your audience that you care that they are engaged. With this training, you'll be able to surprise yourself with amazing graphics that are so simple to create when you know how to do it.
Engaging slides add the WOW factor that increases your success!

This course shows you how to add pizzazz that makes your presentation stand out!

Today's PowerPoint isn's just for face-to-face presentations. It's also for virtual presentations, webinars, Learning, YouTube videos, and so much more. If your content looks boring, no one is watching or listening. But when you add Brain Appeal, people are eager to look at them and hear what you have to say!
This course shows you how to add pizzazz that makes your presentation stand out!



Your slides will soar with these great graphics techniques

You'll learn how to INSTANTLY make your content look interesting, engaging, and eye-catching! And each technique will take only one minute or less to do on each slide.

  • How to add Brain Appeal to makes your content instantly more engaging, interesting, and clear

  • Where to find fabulous Royalty-free images that add instant pizzazz, and how to select the best one

  • How to create awesome, unique title pages that catapult excitement before your first word is spoken

  • How to transform boring bullet lists into rich, 3D customized graphic displays your audience will love

  • How to bullet-proof your points with Basic, Enhanced, and Ultra displays that look like a pro created them

  • How to apply Animations, Transitions, and Morphs--with a professional touch (not amateurish)

  • How and when to embed videos that automatically play, with audio

  • How to work like a graphics pro and leverage critical shortcuts that let you get more done in less time

  • How to create a cohesive, exciting, modern template display that makes each slide unique, yet cohesive

Social proof: testimonials

“Excellent course, fast-paced and engaging. This course is not like any I've ever taken before. You can use everything you learn in this course. My slides are more interesting; no more traditional bullet points! I felt the way I want my audience to feel during my presentations.”

Angela Chapman, Alzheimer's Expert; Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Health EducatorAngela Chapman, Alzheimer's Expert; Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Health Educator

“As an instructor, Dr. Jaclyn Kostner did an excellent job of presenting just the right amount of material at a time. She repeated points is needed, was specific about how to do each step along the way, and brought a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm into her presentation style. She has inspired me to take the time and dedication to create PowerPoint presentations that will do a much better job of instructing my clients in both live presentations and webinars.”

Joyce Feustel, Founder, Boomers' Social Media TourJoyce Feustel, Founder, Boomers' Social Media Tour

“The creative use of color and visuals (including people) really works. I was not a believer, but now I am. The instruction was easy to use and 1st-rate. The instructor was clear and enthusiastic and very easy to follow.”

David Aiken, Director of Business Development / Course InstructorDavid Aiken, Director of Business Development / Course Instructor

“When you present with PowerPoint, you've got to look good. This training shows you how to do it.”

Roxann Filaseta, Organizational Development ConsultantRoxann Filaseta, Organizational Development Consultant

“I am graphics challenged. But I am now able to make my boring slides look so much more interesting. If you use PowerPoint, you need this course!”

James Kutsko, PowerServiceJames Kutsko, PowerService

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  • FREE 1:1 live coaching session with PowerPoint graphics master, Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.

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    After completing the course and sharing one transformed title page and one transformed content (bullet) display, you'll learn a 30-minute FREE 1:1 live coaching session with PowerPoint Graphics Guru, Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D. You'll have 30 minutes to get coaching on your slides or your presentation.

  • FREE membership to receive additional bonus training and resources

    $200 value

    You'll get free membership in Kostner's bonus training, live YouTube videos, and other great content that will add to your graphics talent and success.

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    Once you take this course, you'll definitely want to take another by Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D. Buy purchasing this training program today, you'll be on the invitation list to participate in the pilot of the next training course on how to make your webinar engaging, interactive, and fun!

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